We wrote to the Holy Father when he was coming to Ireland!

First Class

St. Laurence School,

Grange Road,


Dublin 13

November 24th 2011,

Your Holiness, A Chara,

Thank you very much for sending us the message “On Care for our Common Home”. We watched the cartoon in school and were very pleased because we are doing as you ask already. We thought the pope was Fr. Peter who often visits us.  But then we googled you and found lots of pictures of you planting trees and enjoying nature.

We thought you would like to know that we are planting trees with children from 100 countries with Plant-for-the-Planet’s trillion-tree project.( https://www.plant-for-the-planet.org/en/home)  We are planting one million trees on the island of Ireland by 2023 with our school project, www.easytreesie.com. Would you like to plant one with us when you come? Already the Minister for Education and Skills, the Mayor of Fingal and many others have planted 1,000 trees with us.  We can get you your favourite tree. We made a film about the 28 Native Trees of Ireland with the Tree Council, you can pick your favourite from the list here


We also sponsored 1,000 more in poor countries like Mexico. In January we are planting 6,500 more.

If we win this competition we are giving all the money to sponsor children in the tropics who have no money so they can plant matching food trees. Our teacher is a Heritage Council Climate Ambassador who has trained 50 children to take action to mind our common home at our International Tree Academy this year. Here is a note about her,


You will be very welcome when you come to Ireland. We are looking forward to seeing you. Céad Míle Fáilte Romhat. In our class we can say welcome in 7 languages because we come from even Brazil.


First Class

Age 7 and all of her class.