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Well done to all on our Cork planting party!


Tree Planting at Harpers Island from Easy Treesie on Vimeo.

This won the Repak all-Ireland award; well done everybody!

Dublin children attended the first ever Irish Plant-for-the-Planet Academy to be held on a school day, at the invitation of the Future Earth group at the Royal Irish Academy, back in February before the Covid emergency. In a day of science, Moore’s melodies on the violin and art, the children who plant 101 trees as a Climate Justice Action take time to measure trees in St. Stephen’s Green under the supervision of academic staff from Trinity College Dublin, Dublin City University and third level and community volunteers. They use their measurements to make an art installation under the supervision of Professor Yvonne Buckley explaining how trees capture carbon dioxide and how detailed knowledge of the amount of carbon in trees can assist us taking action for climate. Our next Tree Academy will be online instead of face-to-face of course. This Easy Treesie Project with charity Crann – Trees for Ireland is working on planting one million trees with Ireland’s million school children as part of the global trillion tree campaign, more information on,