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  • The Easy Treesie Project; planting 1M trees with Ireland’s 1M school children and their communities by 2023 joining UNESCO-backed Plant-for-the-Planet’s www.trilliontreecampaign.org challenge, reducing global heating by 1° during the UN Decade of Ecosystem Restoration, 2021-31.
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/03 Dec. 2019; Hi everyone! Our tree counter stands at 63,005 today. We have to update our lists on the world tree counter once we get time! The website will not take such big quantitites so we have to input them in small batches; It’s adjusting quite often, we have had to move a small number of tree saplings around where we had shortage of space following our Science Week project and they are being planted daily at this time of year; the last few are being heeled in or planted up and soon we will be ready to start another round. We are talking to the excellent “Trees on the Land”, planning Tree Week and trips to the West and South in the coming months.

We help children to plant a tree to combat climate change as a symbolic and practical action.

We organise children to plant trees. Our aim is for children to plant one tree for every child in Ireland. and to sponsor one in the Global South. A million trees by 2023. Easy Treesie. IT’S AN EX-TREE-VAGANZA. We know. And before you say, “Mad!!!” just think; David Attenborough himself promotes tree planting as being one of the most useful, sensible thing we can do to combat climate change. So. The opposite of mad. It is a very sane, sober and satisfying solution. (ok not the whole solution, but one of the best we have at the moment, which can account for a 1 degree temperature reduction should we achieve our 1 trillion tree goal.) AND we get to look at lovely trees, less flooding and drought, breathe cleaner air, if you need to think of more reasons why trees are good ask any 4 year old and they can give you a long list. Birds. Bugs. You can climb trees. It goes on and on and on. We put some of David Attenborough’s video up here somewhere on the website, you can hear his exact words. I have heard people say that Greta Thunberg is too young to know a lot, she is singing the same tune as Sir David please note, who is of venerable age.

In latest news, our addition to the Plant-for-the-Planet app earlier this year as their first European project North of Northern Italy has been a great boost. It allows people to sponsor trees on our project as well as very many other excellent projects worldwide and we have just heard that 15 donors have contributed over €829 by this clever innovation. You can plant a tree without getting out of bed! Now that is progress. Even more fun, you can set up great competitions and set up tree gifts. It is wonderful. We still have to fill in the location of all of our new sites, this will take a bit of time as the reports are coming in daily.

On Culture Night 2019 we held an open evening at Patagonia, Dublin and are so excited to acknowledge their recent sponsorship of our Patagonia Power Plant project this season with their grant of $8,000 U.S. This grant will be of valuable assistance to us in this our second season.

To our enormous delight, we have been partnering up again with Coillte who supplied 30,000 magnificent saplings….AND DELIVERED THEM all over the country…in our Science Week initiative with our new project with Science Foundation Ireland and the Tree Council, working together on the Plant-for-the-Planet challenge. We acknowledge the tree-mendous efforts of groups all over Ireland in achieving this magnificent goal of planting all 30,000 saplings during that week. Not all parts of the country had as beautiful weather as we had in Dublin for most of that week and some of these projects are doing their finishing touches. Take a “bough” everybody.

We are very pleased to announce the support of new county Galway for the 2019/2020 season through the new Environmental Grants for Local Authorities, formerly known as LA21. Fingal and Cork County Counties are backing us again through this initiative as announced in Autumn 2019.

We are very grateful for the support of the many corporate bodies who have helped the project in many ways. Salesforce Ireland have not only raised their contribution to a total of €2,000 euro as of December 2019, they are working on the provision of their first-rate CRM system to facilitate management of our growing support base. The Bank of America Merril Lynch Skills Exchange has been of great benefit through its assistance in putting our strategic plan in place. The Central Bank of Ireland, Atomic and Compass groups have not only contributed to our planting parties through their attendance to support the children’s planting projects digging holes and with logistical support but they have made financial contributions also. We are very excited with the pledge of €5,000 from the Innovate2Zero group for a new project in the Spring in a new county for us, Meath.

We have recently received further support from the Dublin Airport Authority (a grant of €1800 for tools jointly with the Swords Woodland Association). We will update you further when the tools, which are on order, arrive. This will double the tools available! Best of all, the augur will have a much increased work capacity with its promised new souped-up battery!

We are grateful for the support of the Irish Environmental Network who sponsored our Biodiversity Week Programme in 2019 with a grant of €1400.

We acknowledge the considerable and superlative support in the form of expertise from my fellow members of the board and membership of Crann – Trees for Ireland. The administrative support of Marguerite Arbuthnot O Brien is without compare.

Thanks to Fingal Co. Council 2,000 € allocation in their 2019/20 Community Environmental Grants

On Culture Night Sept 21, 2018 we were delighted to announce our grant aid for the coming season below;

It is with sincere thanks that the Easy treesie– Crann  – Trees for Ireland programme acknowledges the financial support granted in July/August 2018 for the coming season of  

The Community Foundation for Ireland Environment Fund 2018

Community Biodiversity Grants


Waters and Communities Development Fund 2018


– LA 21 AWARDS 2018      

Cork County Council  

Crann – Trees for Ireland 

Easy Treesie   

Schoolchildren planting trees on public lands   

C.Development of Community Areas including Wildlife and Biodiversity €1,500.00


Dublin City Council    

Crann – Trees for Ireland 

Easy Treesie Project – schoolchildren planting trees on local public lands as a       

Climate Action as their contribution to a UN Global Initiative   

Schoolchildren planting trees on local public lands

C.Development of Community Areas including Wildlife and Biodiversity €600.00


Fingal County Council

Crann – Trees for Ireland

Easy Treesie Project – schoolchildren planting trees on local public lands as a

Climate Action as their contribution to a UN Global Initiative   

The purpose of this initiative is to engage school children and their communities 

through a symbolic and practical action, tree planting, in their local area.  

A.Training, Education and similar Awareness-Raising Initiatives  €3,000.00


Kerry County Council


Easy Treesie Project for Schools 

Schoolchildren planting trees on local public lands

A.Training, Education and similar Awareness-Raising Initiatives  €1,200.00


Kilkenny County Council 

Crann – Trees for Ireland 

Easy Treesie Project – school children planting trees on local public lands a     

Climate Action as their contribution to a Un Global Initiative   

To extend this to several local schools to give more children an opportunity to plant.     

B.School/Community Vegetable Gardens & Allotments       €600.00


Sligo County Council  

Crann – Trees for Ireland 

Easy Treesie Project   

School children planting trees on local public lands as a Climate   

Action as their contribution to a UN Global Initiative.      

A.Training, Education and similar Awareness-Raising Initiatives  €500.00

Coillte; We acknowledge the generous donation of 1,000 magnificent native trees for our newest woodland at Paddy’s Hill- Robswalls Park Malahide. Thank you so much for getting to us on the FIRST DAY of the planting season and for FINGAL County Council’s amazing help from first light having spent the weekend preparing the ground. We appreciate it.

Our newest partners in Malahide were the redoubtable Swords Woodland Organisation, the super Siemens Healthineers, the Malahide Tidy Towns organisation who were such a great help and provided some great gloves since ours had not been available, the Afforestation Project students of UCD, Tallaght and Ballsbridge colleges as well as countless individuals who provided fantastic support to our child planters, Malahide Coaches who kept us all running to time and the Great Gourmet Parlour who provided the hot chocolate, marshmallows and cookies to all and where many volunteers who had worked up an appetite lingered over delicious lunches!


Salesforce Ireland

CSR Donation – €300 (pending)

In addition we wish to acknowledge the support of countless donations,  time and goodwill and all the other good things of our many supporters both at home and abroad.


Go raibh mile maith agaibh go léir.

A thousand thanks to you all.

Orla and the easy treesie team.

In 2018 schoolchildren planted 3,006 Oak, Hazel (nut), Alder, Silver Birch, Guelder Rose, Wild cherry and Field Maple (syrup) trees at Seagrange Park, Dublin,

. The project has gone nationwide with planting of Ceremonial Acer Flamingo  in Dr. Steeven’s Hospital Dublin City, Cherry at the Community Centre Westport,  Oak at  St. Mary’s school Baldoyle, Rampark School Louth, Cloughjordan Eco-Village, Kilkenny Teacher and Education Centre, Belvedere House, Mullingar, Groves of Hazel at Shankhill Arboretum Dublin and we presented classroom-grown oaks on the altar at the Papal Mass.

700 oak, alder, silver birch, mountain ash and HOLLY trees at Paddy’s Hill, Co. Dublin.Limited places available for children 8-12 at our Tree Academy, Malahide Parish Community Centre 9 – 3 p.m. (beside DART), Saturday 29th January 2019. Contact orla@easytreesie.com to enrol. Parent volunteers welcome. The Mayor of Fingal will present Climate

“Two things are needed for success; a plan and not quite enough time” Leonard Bernstein.
Luckily we have lots of supporters, helpers and many sponsors; thank you all so much!

We are in a race by the way with England, Scotland and Wales. It’s the Five Nations Tree Challenge which we set with the UK in November 2016 when Ireland joined 100 countries in the UN-backed Plant-for-the-Planet trillion tree challenge;
The “Fifth Nation” is the Global South where our project met with and delivered trees to 3 schools in South Africa in January 2018; Rondebosch Prep school, Fishoek (51 trees to be planted up this year), Radley High School and engaged with Mellon Educate (12 schools).

Our vision; every child in Ireland plants a tree by 2023. We sponsor another one for one euro each in the Global South; we suggest Plant for the Planet or WeForest.

… an adult can help with that. Where to find the euro? By vacuuming under the cushions in our class we found a euro each, on average, there is one idea!)
Time taken in total; planting the tree takes a few minutes, you may need help digging the hole. Paying the euro,  a few minutes tops unless you get lost reading the world wide web!
How will we get the trees? We are working on that, while we are though you could plant a seed, like an apple pip. My brother did and now he gets to eat the apples. Or you could plant another sort of tree, natives are the best for biodiversity.

Easy Treesy. Go Ireland!
We are working on the Global goals; they were our Proclamation Day speech in 2016.  Our Million Tree project started at St. Laurence NS, Baldoyle, Dublin 13 inspired by the Tiny Forest we planted back in 1999! You can read more of how we keep winning prizes on our other Green Flag pages here but we would prefer if you went out and planted a tree, which you can do in a flash whereas you could spend hours reading about silly things we got wrong.


We received a (tiny) Scots Pine presented to us by the Moy Hill Farm project near Spanish Point. Trinity College recently found a clump of Scots Pine in County Clare which predates the extinction event – maybe this is one of them?