It’s official; we are moving from small time to big time. Check us out on Paper of Record, the Irish Times here;


Thank you Irish Times and Irish Environmental Network for advertising our Biodiversity Week events from Fermoy to Finglas, from Portmarnock to the Park in St. Anne’s, from the City Farm to where the Mountains of Mourne Sweep Down to the Trees at the Sea!

advertising one of our nine events this week with easy treesie for Biodiversity. Nine!!!!!!!!!

Must head out to Tully’s to sort out our large apple trees-for-bees; (happy Bee Day everyone, Day of Bees sounds better doesn’t it,)  for the City Farm on Saturday with goat-proof protection, check with Tolka Valley Park that we are all set for tomorrow, ditto for Friday’s Big Climate Day and my tree-t to myself, the Greenore event to wrap up the week in a great big bow at the best ever tree location! Where the Mountains of Mourne Sweep Down to the Sea!


THANK YOU THE IRISH TIMES and of course the Irish Environmental Network who have told them about our project! Here we are taking a moment watching our 3,305-tree project grow at our first woodland this time last year. It’s much greener now and can actually be seen from space. Thanks to St. Nessan’s for adding another 180 bee-friendly trees on their adjacent grounds and check out our new cherry avenue near the train station planted with them…. we are on the map!